Who We Are

Montgomery County Transitioning Adults (MCTrans) is a grassroots discussion and e-group for families of adults with mild to significant disabilities as they transition from School age entitlements in Maryland to a young adulthood and beyond. Members are to include the adults with the disability, their families as well as interested professionals working in pre- and post-transitioning services. Purpose is to share information, provide each other support, and work to improve services and outcomes for adults with disabilities in the State of Maryland.

MCTransitions.org is the web site of the MCTrans E-group to help us share files and links as well as to reach out to a larger audience than the e-group.

Status: We now have over 470 e-group members, periodic meetings and this web site.

Our History

Reda Sheinberg began as an advocate for her younger son, as he went thru his school years. In 2005, I found no family groups that focus on our adult children so I formed  MCTrans as a yahoo e-group. As confusing as obtaining adult services is for our adult children and their families,  it important to network with others in the community.  Then later we started having Saturday meetings periodically at Le Madeleine’s at Rockville, Md. As attendance grew, we had meetings more often. Thru Joan Karasik, a longtime advocate active in Arc, we moved to The Arc Montgomery County, where we have met regularly since Fall 2006.

In summer of 2008 our web site went public.  In 2012 we decided to update to Google site since Google provides us a full environment of web hosting and development, and data storage.    Google Sites provides us a more user friendly interface, as well as  easier for our group to manage.


MCTrans goal is to  support our adult children with differences and to help them be the best they can be. Thus we work together with other groups to provide:

* More opportunities in education that lead to careers as employment is important for independence.

* More transparency in available support services at County, State and National level.

* Consistent State and Federal Support thru out America for adults with disabilities. Aim for what is needed to make individuals happy and productive citizens not just the minimum to help them out of crisis situations.

* Affordable housing and resources so that those with disabilities can be as independent as possible in the community.

* Increased opportunities for adults with disabilities to develop appropriate life skills.

* Self-advocacy and support the dreams and aspirations of all adults with disabilities.


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