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LISS Summary and Reminder of Important Deadlines

posted Jan 9, 2015, 8:39 AM by Reda Sheinberg
NOTE:  This information was passed on to me to post and I thought this would be very useful to some of you as it summarizes information and deadlines to apply for LISS.  Unfortunately I donot have any knowledge about LISS.  Please refer to the Website and the contact information at the bottom.  Hopefully this will help those who qualify for LISS funding.


Here is a LISS summary and reminder of important deadlines, based on notes from LISS informational meetings attended by different people, at different dates. These notes are stressing deadlines and other important points.
Families should still go to the DDA website ( )  and read everything that is there about LISS, before sending in their applications – changes on information and application may still happen and families should be checking to be aware of them.
Note: Families should go to the  MCC's website (, scroll to the bottom of the home page, and join their mailing list to learn about  LISS updates from Maryland community Connection (MCC) too.
LISS Round 2 begins January 1 through January 31, 2015.
LISS: Low Intensity Support Services.  Funding resource, for up to $2000 per individual, per fiscal year.
DDA: Developmental Disabilities Administration
Applicants who received funding in Round 1 (July 1–July 31, 2014) are NOT eligible to apply for LISS again in Round 2.  If you were denied LISS or never applied for LISS funds in Round 1 you can apply for LISS Round 2.
MCC will be accepting applications between January 1 and January 31, 2015.  There is no need to get your application in on January 1st, as the applications will be selected by lottery.  Note LISS requests received at the LISS agencies office after January 31, 2015 will NOT be process including postdated mail within January. All LISS request MUST be received in the LISS agencies office between January 1 and January 31, 2015.  
LISS Applications can be hand delivered, mailed or emailed. They CANNOT be faxed.  DDA will "conduct" the lottery in mid-February.
If the Applicant is receiving funding through the Autism Wavier, any Medicaid Waiver or receiving services and funding through DDA, they are NOT eligible to apply for LISS.
Individuals under REM were initially found not eligible, however, as per MCC, this “is under discussion” right now.
As it stands right now, all applicants should be on DDA’s waiting list.  However, because of the outcry last July about that particular rule, it was waived for the first round, but MCC still doesn’t know if it is going to be waived for the second.  MCC was very emphatic on asking parents to apply to DDA and get on their waiting list, if not for this round, most definitely for the new fiscal year that starts on July 1, 2015.  However they have to apply now considering that it takes 3-4 months to get an answer from DDA (This is with the knowledge that DDA probably won't benefit your child for many years).  
Regarding the application:
Beginning with Round 2, the new LISS request form is preferred.
To download the new LISS request and view a sample of a completed request form, please go directly to DDA website at
Section 2 pertains to the applicant, not the parent/guardian completing application.
Section 3- this is where you list the items you would like funded by LISS.  You must be very specific.  If you are selected by the lottery, and are approved, you can make changes to the vendor, but not the service: i.e: if the applicant is approved for speech therapy, and wants to change the therapist, that's okay.  However, if the applicant is approved for speech therapy and wants to use the money for OT, that is not allowed.  Make sure you include all costs for the service.
If you are requesting equipment, such as an IPAD, include the taxes, shipping, and warranty costs in the request.  You can request multiple items, as they all may not be approved.  The maximum LISS funding that any family can receive is $2000.00.  If you request over that amount, make sure that you note that you are responsible for the balance.
If requesting therapeutic services, you must have a letter of recommendation from a licensed professional and their licensing number should be clearly written on the letter.  You must also provide the licensing number for the therapist of your choosing. If you have a recommendation letter from round 1, you can submit the same letter for round 2 (assuming you weren't funded in round 1).
Requests for Adaptive Equipment, Assistive Technology and Adaptive Furniture, have to also include an Professional Letter of Recommendation and an explanation of why that particular item would be adaptive for the individual’s disability.
If the request is for someone under the age of 18, the parent/guardian should sign the request.
The power point presentation provided by MCC states: “LISS reimburses for approved services already rendered or paid for, only if they were received in the 2015 fiscal year that started on July 1, 2015 and ends on June 30, 2015.”  However there are conflicting interpretations of this statement.  At the December 15, 2014 meeting, MCC said that the only reimbursable service was Camp by saying that “Families can apply to have their 2014 Summer Camp reimbursed (as along as the service was provided during the Fiscal Year July 1 through June 30), even if it was paid in April, May or June”.  Families should make sure to have this statement clarified before applying for it.
About Camps: several things parents should know:
·         DDA has not determined if they will approve camp requests for the 2015 Summer.  The issue is that Round 2 LISS money MUST be spent in this fiscal year, which ends on June 30th.  Most people want funding for camp in July and August, which is in a different fiscal year.  DDA is supposed to have a decision about this by January 1st.  I encourage you to go to MCC's website and sign up for LISS email updates.  This way, you will be notified when DDA makes a decision regarding camp funding.
·         The Camp provider MUST BE LICENSED through the State of Maryland to provide “CAMP SERVICES”.  Families must attach a copy of the current license with the application.  These can be from:
Ø  Department of Health and Human Hygiene camp certification;
Ø  Accreditation by MSDE;
Ø  Approval of a State agency; OR
Ø  Have a Professional Licensed to provide services (for summer camps such as “speech” or “OT” camps).
Tuition: Educational services, continued education services, is NOT covered under LISS.
Families need to understand the difference between
Respite and Child Care:
Respite can be provided in the home or outside of the home, by an unlicensed provider.  The provider must have a social security number and needs to complete paperwork including a W9 form, independent contractor form and a few other things described in the slide titled "independent contractors".    Daycare (before or after school programs) must be provided by a licensed facility and families must provide a copy of the license.
Recreational and Therapeutic: something might seem “therapeutic” for the individual (i.e.: swimming, gym sessions), but it is really Recreational.  Recreational services can be provided by any organization in Md.  Therapeutic Services must be provided by a licensed Therapeutic facility in the state of MD, and must be provided by/supervised by a licensed therapist.
For Proof of Disability, families may provide:
·         Full copy of Most Recent APPROVED IEP.
·         Psychological report.
·         Medical Evaluation.
Any of this documents, MUST have the specific developmental disability diagnosis clearly stated on it.  Diagnosis like: Other Health Impairment (OHI), Multiple Disabilities, Specific Learning Disability, Developmental Delay, won’t be accepted without further supporting documentation and explanation. Make sure to include another report that specifically documents the disability and the areas affected by the disability (speech, cognition, motor skills, etc). 
When providing Proof of Residency in MD, the only acceptable documents are:
·         Maryland Driver’s License
·         Maryland State Identification Card
·         Current Utility bill with Address (Electricity, Water or Gas).
·         Cell phone bills or bank statements won’t be accepted.
Please note: incomplete requests will be returned. Please be sure to include the required information listed in Sections 3 & 4 with your request.
LISS Applicants and families are responsible for reading the operations manual, and checking the DDA website for updates and staying current with changes and revisions:
MCC will be offering Drop In application assistance on Friday Jan 23rd from 9-4 and on Saturday Jan 24 from 9-2 at their location at 4401 Nicole Drive, Lanham, Maryland. 
Please submit your requests ONLY to the LISS agency serving your county.
Maryland Community Connection
4401 Nicole Drive
Lanham, Maryland 20706
Phone: (301) 583-8880
Toll free: 1-877-622-6688
Counties Served: Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George's, and St. Mary's