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DDA Funding Update

posted Mar 27, 2012, 8:54 AM by Reda Sheinberg   [ updated Nov 15, 2012, 5:28 AM ]


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Coalition is hosting a "Briefing" and Town Hall Meeting December 11, 2012 with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).  This is an opportunity to hear directly from DHMH Secretary Joshua Sharfstein about how last year's under-spent state funds were addressed and the steps they are taking in response. 


Why is it Important to Attend? Last year self-advocates, family members and professionals in the field came together to meet with Secretary Sharfstein to understand why DDA had unspent funds while people continued to be on the waiting list and those receiving supports were underfunded.  This year Secretary Sharfstein will brief everyone on actions taken and progress being made by DHMH.


 Why a "Briefing" before the Town Hall? People with disabilities,  family members and professionals in the field are invited to a "briefing" or short meeting to review last year's underspend funds issue.  Using facilitators and roundtable discussions, everyone will have a chance to get an understanding of the topic in order to prepare questions and/or statements for the Town Hall meeting with Secretary Sharfstein.  You must register to attend the briefing and a light dinner will be served.  Everyone is invited to the open Town Hall following the Briefing.  Attendees will be able to ask questions or state concerns to the Secretary.  


When is the Briefing? The Briefing is scheduled for Tuesday, December 11 and begins at 6:00 p.m. You must register to attend.  The deadline for registering is December 5th.  Please E-mail or Call 410-767-6249 or 1-800-305-6441 (extension 1). 


When is the Town Hall?   The Town Hall is scheduled for Tuesday, December 11 from 7:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.  Everyone is invited to attend the Town Hall with DHMH Secretary Sharfstein.  Attendees will be able to ask questions or state concerns to the Secretary.  No RSVP required.


Where is All of This Happening?


The Meeting House

Oakland Mills Interfaith Center

5885 Robert Oliver Place

Columbia, Maryland 21045-3786

Accessible parking is available. Sign language interpreters will be available.