Q: How do I sign up for the MCTransitions@groups.io?

To SUBSCRIBE TO MCTransitions: Send Email to MCTransitions+subscribe@groups.io

In Subject:  Please enter SUBSCRIBE To MCTransitions
In Body: You may leave blank

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the MCTransitions@groups.io?

To UNSUBSCRIBE from MCTransitions: Send Email to  MCTransitions+unsubscribe@groups.io

In Subject:  Please enter UNSUBSCRIBE To MCTrans

In Body:  You may leave blank

Q: How do I post to MCTransitions groups.io once I am subscribed?

To send a message to this group, send the message to:

In Subject:  Please leave an appropriate title and do not leave blank.

Q: What is the web link to the MCTransitions groups.io ?


Q: How do I get general help for the MCTransitinos groups.io? 

Q: How do I join the MCTransitions Facebook page?

From your Facebook account go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/MCTransitions/   and click on JOIN.  The Moderator will review and add you to the